The one major exception was Jery, as Paul, who has a long monologue near the end of the show. I have heard this speech probably over a hundred times and he brought new readings and a new slant to it... whole show was worth this speech.
— C. M Traw via Campbell Express
Jery... steals the show with his heart rending portrayal of Paul, Cyd Charisse inside, but longing to be his father’s “son”. Bravo!
— B. Ereneta via
Jery Rosas as Che carries his role with a solid baritone that brings a little light into the many dark moods of this piece. He treats this character with a slight whimsy and humor. As the everyman, this Che has charisma with fine delivery.
— Morgan Hill Times
“The concept ultimately is pretty beautiful,” Kwong says of director Jery Rosas’ vision for the show. “It’s all about love and I think that we just could not have enough stories about love.”
— San Jose Mercury News
Rosas presents a very strong, charismatic, and mischievous puppet-master as the Leading Player. He’s a triple threat always adding panache to every scene he’s in. He’s got good chemistry with Schutz, Tipton, and Powell as well as with the ensemble members. In one stand-out segment during the war in the number “Glory”, he and dance captains Peter Schuurmans and Jennifer Vaillancourt perform the famed Fosse “Manson Trio” center stage amidst a very nicely staged battle in silhouette taking place around them.
— A Good Reed Review